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5 Benefits Of Air Suspension On Trucks

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Air suspension is an improved system that substitutes traditional coil or leaf spring suspensions. Instead, it consists of rubber and polyurethane bags inflated by compressors with air supplied from the outside environment rather than having heavy metal springs inside them like another vehicle. Components do; this way, you can have your car’s load-balanced evenly without any obstruction where it matters most-on two wheels!

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Benefits Of Air Suspension On Trucks

Below are some of the importance of air suspension on trucks:

  1. Driver Comfort

Long-haul drivers are subjected to ‘NVH’ (noise, vibration, and harshness) (noise, vibration, and harshness). These can result in weariness, back pain, hearing loss (if the truck is loud), and other issues. Fatigue is a significant cause of car accidents, so anything that minimizes the likelihood of a driver falling asleep behind the wheel is a good thing. Making the truck more comfortable means fewer days away from work due to aches and pains.

Trucks with air suspension, according to drivers, glide over bumps considerably more readily and provide enhanced handling confidence. The driver can also select between a softer ride for highway cruising and a firmer ride for improved handling and less body roll on more challenging roads. In addition, because the softness of the suspension is more controlled in short-wheelbase trucks, the tendency to bounce over uneven roads while empty is decreased.

  1. Less Wear And Tear

Air suspension reduces vibration in the vehicle, resulting in minor wear and tear on truck or trailer components. In addition, smoother suspension features improve tire wear, and some systems can raise axles that aren’t needed, extending tire life.

  1. Better Efficiency

Better suspension equals faster cornering speeds, which saves time on the road. You can adjust the ride height depending on the truck’s speed, the type of surface, and whether it’s loaded or empty. Because the suspension isn’t compressed, an unladen truck is usually taller than a loaded truck, but you can reduce the ride height with air suspension. Lowering the ride height improves aerodynamics (i.e., less wind resistance) and cornering performance.

  1. Load Versatility

When weights are unevenly distributed, air suspension can automatically level the rest, improving braking and axle loads. The truck or trailer can ‘kneel’ to load or clear obstructions since you can modify the height. When air suspension is used, fragile loads are less damaged. It is ideal for items like glass or antiques.

  1. Environmental Benefits

The road surface (which includes bridges and other structures attached to the road) degrades less quickly because of less vibration transmission through the cover over the road. It implies that roads don’t need to be repaired as regularly; repairs produce traffic congestion and pollution from the machinery and materials used to make the repairs. Improvements in fuel economy mean less pollution in the atmosphere. Because the vehicle has more load flexibility, it may be utilized for more applications and is less likely to run empty, wasting fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Air Suspension A Safe Option?

Air suspension, when properly built, can give many years of trouble-free operation. However, today’s technology and materials have enabled carmakers to offer air suspension alternatives, while the trucking industry almost relies on air suspension for millions of miles each year. To assure every area of reliability, we test all of the significant components in-house on industry-exclusive test equipment.

Is It Possible To Use Air Suspension In The Winter?

Yes, most definitely! While driving in the winter presents some unique obstacles, routine maintenance of your air conditioning system may make cold-weather driving a breeze.

What Form Of Air Suspension Maintenance Recommended?

The only maintenance required is to dump the air tank regularly to lessen the amount of water moving through the system. SCE Auto, LLC offers in-line water traps that can help with this activity while also limiting the quantity of water that enters the system in the first place. Draining the system once a month is a decent rule of thumb in any event, and it only takes a minute. Keeping your system dry is essential for trouble-free winter operation for those of us who live in colder regions.

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