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5 signs it’s time to leave your mechanic

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We all know the value in having regular car service and having it done right. However, there may come a time when you discover that your vehicle is not necessarily in the right hands when it comes to service. Although you can usually depend on a good local referral, things can easily go south when you book your car into a not-so-pro auto repair shop. Read on for 5 signs it’s time to leave your mechanic.

It May Be Time To Change Your Mechanic When…

Pay First?

You are asked to pay for repairs before the service has been performed. All reputable operators ask you to sign an authority before servicing begins, but you should never pay until the work is completed. This is normal business practice, and any mechanic who strays from this should be treated with suspicion.

Is Your Mechanic Certified?

There is no indication that the mechanic is fully certified. Most service stations and professional operators will display the qualifications held by the mechanics in their workshop. If you are uncertain make sure you ask questions beforehand, and if you discover that the mechanics are not able to prove their expertise, take your car somewhere else.

Early Diagnoses?

If the mechanic attempts to diagnose your vehicle after you have given only a broad indication of the problem, you may be in the hands of an amateur. A good mechanic will perform the necessary checks before completely diagnosing the fault and will give you details after their initial assessment has been completed.

No Experience?

If the mechanic does not appear to have specific knowledge of your car’s problem, the chances are he or she is insufficiently trained. If you are in any doubt, ask whether they have had any prior experience with your make of vehicle. Be prepared to book your car in with another mechanic if you are not satisfied that they have sufficient experience.

Replace The Entire Thing?

Sometimes you need to replace the entire exhaust system when something is wrong. But other times, a simple repair will cover it. If you fail an emissions test because of a hole in your exhaust, you should be going the other direction if you hear words like “entire,” “whole,” or “system.” In some cases, a simple problem like this can be fixed with a much cheaper weld or even a quick dab of a sealant.

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