Beaufort County is a place with a diverse range of sights, sounds, rich history, and culture. This fast-growing county in South Carolina has the advantage of being near the coast and connected to the beautiful landscapes of neighboring counties. It is bound by the Atlantic Ocean, the counties of Jasper and Colleton in South Carolina, and Chatham in Georgia. The county is 923 square miles in size, with 576 square miles of land and 347 square miles of water. Any visitor to this region will find a wide variety of activities.


Beaufort County was first established in 1769 as Beaufort District, one of South Carolina’s seven original “overarching Districts,” and was subsequently divided into four counties in 1785: Granville, Hilton, Lincoln, and Shrewsbury. These counties, however, never became fully functional and were eventually abolished in 1798. Beaufort District was then designated as Beaufort County in 1868. Beaufort, its county seat, is positioned on U.S. Highway 21 and is located about 40 miles northwest of Savannah, GA, and 110 miles south of Columbia.

Long before the English arrived, French explorers visited the area and constructed a fort in 1562. Beaufort County got its name from Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort, one of the Lords Proprietors when the British established itself in the country.

The county was formerly known as the vacation home of the planters who worked on neighboring rice and cotton plantations. These adept farmers cultivated “Carolina rice,” the finest rice in the world, along with “sea-island cotton,” which yielded long, smooth and silky staples. Because this cotton’s staple was so fragile, it was usually packed by hand into bags rather than baled or compressed. The majority of the harvest would then be purchased before it was planted by French silk factories. In reality, the cultivation of Carolina rice and sea island cotton brought enormous prosperity to the region in the years leading up to the American Civil War. During the Civil War, in December of 1861, federal troops took Beaufort. Because of the takeover, the first school in the South for freed slaves was established at what is now Penn Center on St. Helena Island.

A Wide Range Of Activities In Beaufort County

With its intriguing mix of old-world appeal and seaside charm sprinkled among its cities and island communities, Beaufort County is truly a state gem. The region is rich in history, entertainment, and beautiful surroundings. With its proximity to magnificent beaches like Hunting Island State Park Beach and memorable locations like the Parris Island Museum, where a United States Marine Corps Depot formerly existed, it has been marketed as a tourist stop and retirement destination. Famous films such as Forrest Gump, Prince of Tides, and The Big Chill were filmed on location in the historic city of Beaufort. In addition, the county is home to numerous public personalities such as boxer Joe Frazier and writer Pat Conroy.

The beauty of the Beaufort area is as vivid as its lavish culture. Musicians, performers, authors, storytellers, painters, weavers, sculptors, and jewelry artists are intrinsic to its daily arts scene. Local artists are inspired by the Lowcountry’s geography, history, and spirit, and their work may be found in thriving art galleries and artisan shops. In the various galleries, intriguing exhibits rotate on a regular basis.

Historical revues and Gullah-influenced productions, including the renowned Beaufort Orchestra, are all part of the local entertainment scene. The University of South Carolina Beaufort’s Performing Arts Center is also a popular venue where these performances can be witnessed.

Anyone who desires to immerse themselves in a wealth of cultural, historical, and environmental experiences should visit Beaufort County.

Beautiful Island To Visit In Beaufort County

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island, or simply Hilton Head, is a resort town and barrier island in Beaufort County, South Carolina, that attracts visitors from all over the world. The island is a haven for recreational bikers with over 60 miles of bike trails to traverse. Bicycle rentals are a terrific way to discover the island.

Hilton Head is famous for its beautiful beaches and top-notch golf courses. It has been dubbed one of the top holiday spots on the planet. Several beaches, including Burkes Beach and Coligny Beach Park, are accessible from the town. Bathrooms, open picnic areas, and pavilions are among the amenities provided to the public at these beaches.

The island is also noted for being a cradle of Gullah culture. More than any other African-American community in the United States, this cultural group is known for conserving African linguistic and cultural history. The Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head is an excellent place to start learning about all things Gullah.

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