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Air Lift Performance and Air Lift Helper Spring Installations

The Air Lift Company is in the business of developing durable air spring suspension products. It began in 1949 with the invention and patenting of a rubber air spring, then incorporating it into the car’s factory coil spring. Since then, the company has evolved to be a committed suspension specialist.

Today, Air Lift load support solutions are shipped worldwide and are designed to fit more than 540 different cars. Their product line boasts of air helper springs for trucks, RVs, SUVs, CUVs, and vans, as well as the most technologically advanced onboard air compressor systems for on-the-go air spring management.

These modern air suspension systems for vehicles aim to develop high-performance air suspension devices to provide comprehensive air ride and air management set-ups for optimum performance.

These suspension systems from Air Lift Company are available for sale and installation with SCE Auto.

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Three Basic Components of An Air Suspension System

1. Air Supply

This comprises the engine air compressor, air tanks, air valves, and air lines. All of the vehicle’s air equipment is produced by the engine air compressor. However, the compressor’s pressure output is changeable. The standard air supply has been maintained at 120 to 125 psi for several years. But nowadays, newer vehicles have a supply increased to 135 psi. There are also dash gauges that provide system pressure information, but all vehicles have a “pop-off valve,” as we call it. When the system achieves maximum air pressure, the valve will “pop off.”

2. Airbags

They are nothing more than a simple rubber bladder that holds air. Air bellows is another name for airbags. The vehicle’s airbags are situated in the center of the vehicle’s frame and axles. The weight and pressure capacities of airbags are estimated.

3. Height Control Valve

Height Control Valves or HCVs are commonly associated with electronic height control systems. However, mechanical height control valves are also available. The HCV is affixed to a vehicle’s structure. The HCV is connected to the axle by an L-shaped linkage. The linkage traverses the valve or electronic mechanism as the axle goes up and down in relation to the frame. In mechanical valves, an air line can be found connecting the air supply to the HCV. Subsequently, there is also an air line from the HCV to the airbag or bags it regulates.

Air Helper Spring is a suspension enhancement product designed to improve, support, and assist various types of original equipment suspension. Steel springs and pneumatic springs or air springs are the two most prevalent forms of helper springs.

Benefits of Installing Helper Springs

1. Load Balancing

Vehicles transport cargo. In the work and industrial industries, cargo might be tools and equipment, while in the recreational sector, this can be people and their toys. If your vehicle is slumping in the back, helper springs are the solution regardless of the cargo weight carried.

2. Safety

When a vehicle is overloaded, its passengers are in danger. Too much weight and uneven loads can have a significant and detrimental impact on the handling and braking of your vehicle. When your vehicle’s handling, braking, suspension, or other essential components are overworked or incorrectly maintained, they become a safety hazard. Installing helper springs can minimize this hazard.

3. Costs of Upkeep

Various components of your car take a hit when you drive with an uneven or over capacity load. Suspension, tires, and brake pads wear out unevenly. Increased maintenance costs come from this unnecessary and unsafe wear and tear. Leveling out capacity load with the aid of helper springs defrays maintenance expenses.

Tips for Finding a Good Air Spring Installer

Because your vehicle is a precious investment, the process of picking an installer is serious business considering that you are having a product placed on your car. Properly installing the product will reap benefits in terms of vehicle performance.

Here’s a quick guide to finding a good installer:

1. Do Your Homework.

The Internet is a trove of ratings, reviews, and suggestions. Research on local mechanics and learn everything you can about them. People rarely submit reviews unless they have had either an excellent or awful experience. However, bear in mind that these are subjective.

Look for licensure and certifications in addition to reading personal evaluations — a good shop works hard to get accreditation from reliable sources, and they will let customers know. So look for state licenses and certificates from organizations like the American Automobile Association (AAA) or check the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence on mechanics’ websites (ASE).

2. Consult With Others.

After you’ve done your research on the best-rated, most-accredited mechanics in the region, reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Inquire about where they service their cars and what they’ve heard about other locations.

Take notes and get recommendations. List down pricing for various car services and compare them across different technicians.

Also, make a point of visiting some garages. Inquire about warranties, inquire about the owners’ licenses and equipment, and obtain prices. Then, when you’ve found the best technician for the task, make sure you know exactly what the service is, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

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3. Pay Attention To What Is Being Said.

This is crucial: pay attention to every mechanic’s response to your inquiries.

Responses that are vague or ambiguous are a red flag. To work on your car, you’ll need an expert, professional, and trustworthy person, and honest specialists will always offer you a clear response. You’re looking for clear communication and detailed explanations.

4. Go For Authorized Dealers.

Service shops that are authorized and accredited to sell and install specific company suspension systems are well-trained with the company’s products. Rest assured that parts are authentic with an authorized dealer, and the mechanics installing them are experts with the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Air Suspension?

These are suspension systems that are partially powered by air. There are two types: semi-air suspension and full-air suspension.

Semi-air suspension is commonly used in trucks that regularly transport heavy weight loads. An air spring is installed between the chassis and the rear axle, raising the vehicle’s ride height and getting more spring travel. As a result, the semi-air suspension helps to improve the level of comfort and stability in your car when driving.

Full air suspension is an entirely automatic and adjustable suspension option. A full air suspension system replaces the standard suspension system, which filters out unevenness in the road surface and improves ride comfort. In addition, full air suspension minimizes crosswind sensitivity, making your car safer.

Is Air Suspension A Sensible Choice?

Air suspension, when properly built, can give many years of trouble-free operation. Today’s technology has allowed even OEM manufacturers to provide air suspension choices. The trucking industry almost entirely relies on air suspension for millions of kilometers each year.

What Is Air Lift Performance?

This performance division of Air Lift Company manufactures full air ride and air management systems for lowered and performance automobiles.

What is the Recommended Type of Air Suspension Maintenance?

The only maintenance required is to remove the air tank regularly to reduce the amount of water circulating through the system. There are in-line water traps that can help with this while also reducing the quantity of water that comes into the system in the first place—draining the system once a month is a sound basis, and it only takes a minute. For those who live in colder regions, keeping your system dry is essential for trouble-free winter operation.

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